The Catholic University of America

Media 312: Media Composition

"A Beautiful Distraction"
By Angeline McCrory
Vintage store-owner Desiree Venn Frederic faces the close of her business due to an increasingly gentrified area and fights against the odds to keep her space of contemporary ideas and free expression alive.
"Feed Your Soul: The Amanda Zeitter Story"
By Kelly Bourbon
An award-winning DC playwright juggles multiple jobs in a passionate pursuit of theatre, the source of her true happiness.






"Harsh Thakkar: The Game Changer"
By Jimmy Cassidy
After being shot, Harsh Thakkar reclaims his identity as an athlete and helps others with spinal cord injuries do the same through wheelchair basketball.







"The Silent Epidemic"

TJ Cooney

Investigates the impact of multiple head injuries on young athletes. Stories are told from Catholic University student-athletes and Dr. Youchels of National Rehabilitation Hospital.