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Josh Shepperd, Assistant Professor of Media Studies
Ph.D.  University of Wisconsin-Madison                                    


I teach critical and methodological approaches to media studies. My pro-seminars provide opportunities for experiential learning by utilizing the great historical, civic, and media industry resources in Washington D.C. My research focuses on the genealogical development of media advocacy strategies. I'm especially interested in the logistical steps of how institutions and discursive groups organize from the bottom-up to influence communications policy and cultural perspective.

I'm currently writing a book on how the media reform movement built the early scaffolding for Public Broadcasting in the U.S. between 1934 and 1952. Advocates innovated standardized forms of noncommercial research, production, distribution, and aesthetic development in the service of a decentralized, horizontalized organizational structure.

I'm also the Director of the Radio Preservation Task Force of the Library of Congress, a digital humanities consortium spanning roughly 120 universities, museums, and federal institutions. The RPTF is working to increase visibility of underrepresented histories by connecting sound preservation to classroom implementation through a metadata interface. We're finding that nontheatrical broadcasts such as public forums, call-in shows, and interviews provide new primary source historical access to liminal and local culture.


Courses Offered, Fall 2016:

MDIA 417: Researching Media History at the Library of Congress

MDIA 499: Object-Oriented Media Archaeology (Senior Seminar)


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