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Josh Shepperd, Assistant Professor of Media Studies

Ph.D.  University of Wisconsin-Madison

I teach courses related to critical,   conceptual, and methodological approaches to   media studies. My pro-seminars provide opportunities for experiential learning by utilizing the great historical resources of Washington D.C., especially the Library of Congress, National Archives, and Center for Mass Media and Culture. I'm also currently the Research Director of the Radio Preservation Task Force for the National Recording Preservation Board.

My research focuses on the genealogical development and enactment of media advocacy strategies, especially cases in which social movements have used media to successfully influence communications policy, media industries, and cultural perspective. I'm also interested in the existential and phenomenological dimensions of how technologies constitute or disrupt conditions of mundanity in everyday life, such as case examples of broken tools, "useless machines", and chain reactions.

I'm currently writing a book that investigates how the media reform movement built Public Broadcasting in the U.S. by innovating standardized forms of noncommercial research, production and distribution, aesthetic development, and institutional organization. Educators spent almost twenty years, 1934-1952, developing these initiatives as advocacy strategies to persuade policymakers that educational technology was in fact educational, and deserving of protected frequencies.



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