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Course Information

The Department of Media Studies regularly updates the catalog of course offerings. Courses listed here, especially advanced courses, may not be offered every semester. Consult the most recent edition of the Announcements for information related to other majors and general requirements for the School of Arts and Sciences.

Requirements for the Major:
Core courses: MDIA 201, 202, 301, 302, 399, 499
Anchor course for electives: MDIA 311 for critical studies or MDIA 312 for production studies.
Major electives in track: six courses in Media Studies, whether focused in critical studies or production studies or a mixture of both. Eligible students may perform up to two internships for credit as electives. Up to two approved interdisciplinary courses may be included in the elective group.

Suggested Sequence of Courses for Majors:
Freshman year: MDIA 201 (Intro to Media Studies); MDIA 202 (Media and History)
Sophomore year: MDIA 301 (Media and Rhetoric); MDIA 302 (Media Rhetoric & Aesthetics)
Junior year: MDIA 399 (Junior Seminar);the anchoring elective(s): in critical studies (MDIA 311) and/or production studies (MDIA 312)
Senior year: MDIA 499 (Senior Seminar); MDIA electives, including internships.

Interdisciplinary Courses:
Because Media Studies is an interdisciplinary field, courses offered by other departments are frequently acceptable as major electives. Consult the class schedule or the adviser for specifics.