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The Program in Media Studies respects the integrity of intellectual property. We are also aware, however, of how difficult it can be to preserve that integrity on the world wide web. To the best of our knowledge, none of the images used on this site have been employed in violation of any copyright laws. If you suspect that one of the images is not adequately cited, or is being used without the necessary permission(s), please email the webmaster.

Many of the images and tags used on this site are ©2000 Garrison LeMasters. For information on those images, send a request via email.

A View of the Earth The original data for this image was adapted from a sophisticated interactive earthview engine located at FourmiLab.

A Page from the Sonnets This image is a radically altered version of several images that appear on, an extraordinary company that is digitizing rare old books (by the likes of Galileo, Darwin, and so forth) and putting them on CD-Rom. "Virtual reproductions" of these books--which can be viewed as images or as searchable text, are available for just a few dollars.

Media Lab photographs remain the property of Christina Lee, and are used here with her permission.

Le Nouveau-Né (The Newborn Child), Georges de la Tour (ca. 1630). From the collection of the Museé des Beaux-Arts in Rennes, France. Public domain.