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Welcome to the Department of Media Studies

Welcome to the Department of Media Studies

CUA's Department of Media Studies provides a humanities-centered education in media literacy for students who will become lifelong interpreters, users and producers of mediated texts. Our curriculum emphasizes the cultural and historical specificity of media in their many contemporary forms, engaging approaches ranging from classical rhetoric to contemporary cultural studies. We take advantage of our position in the nation's capital to develop key internships and career placement for students. Media Studies' mission aims to exemplify the Catholic mission and identity of the University through collaboration with other departments and organizations in projects addressing social justice and underserved populations in the District of Columbia.


News and Events

Dr. Niki Akhavan Book Talk Electronic Iran: The Cultural Politics of an Online Evolution. Thursday, April 10, 5:00pm - May Gallery, Mullen Library. 
She will also be speaking at the Center for International Education, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - After Capitalism Conference on "Foundations and Shadows of Mixed Economy: Self-Sufficiency and Strife in Post-Revolutionary Iran" held In Hefter Center, 25-26 April 2014.

Dr. Joshua Shepperd gave an invited talk at New York University titled "Space, Event, Advocacy: On the Phenomenological Communication of Inconspicuous Change" in February.

Dr. Alex Russo presented on "Androids as the New 'Other'. Janelle Monae's Feminist Afrofuturism in The Metropolis Suite" at 2014 conference for the Society for Cinema and Media Studies.

 2014 Senior Awards Announced!

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